ZZR 1100 C2 fork conversion to ZXR 750 USD forks.

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Re: ZZR 1100 C2 fork conversion to ZXR 750 USD forks.

Postby societydweller » Fri Apr 06, 2012 8:40 pm

well ade hows things, hows the shoulder these days, ? did u ever finish the usd fork conversion?
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Re: ZZR 1100 C2 fork conversion to ZXR 750 USD forks.

Postby AdeN » Fri Apr 13, 2012 6:37 am

Hi, the shoulder has good and bad days, still going every 3 months for pain killer injections in it which help, hopefully it will get to a point I won't need them.
I haven't finished my ZZR yet, I got a new job last June and it has kind of taken over, I come home too knackered to do much in the evenings weekdays, and work weekends making parts for other people, my parts business has gone mental this year, not enough to do it full time but I have been busy every weekend since xmas. I did take Easter weekend off cos the wife was forgetting what I looked like!
I did start making rearsets for her and I got a set of D wheels as the front wheel fits straight in the ZXR forks and the D rear fits in the C swingarm if you use all of it so the brake conversion is done in one hit.
I got new rod end bearings to make a new torque arm, I am thinking why drill and bush my Hyabusa caliper when a rod end bearing will give me all the movement I need with another the other end and a spacer to let it fit to the side of the caliper, it'll look better than the manky one I have.
I got a LH tap and rod end bearing to make the new gear linkage for my rearsets so it will adjust like a standard one, you turn the rod and both rod end bearings move in or out.
I have been in contact with Mac at Unatec about making some new panels for the C model 1100's, he has made some in the past along with D bodywork, I am waiting for a free weekend to visit him to see what he can do.
I asked if he can make:
1 - Standard rear panels with indicator holes.
2 - Standard rear panels but with indicator holes filled in for custom indicators to be fitted somewhere else.
3 - Custom rear panels with no indicator pods at all, just flat panels.
4 - Whatever custom panels he can come up with.
He has made 1 & 2 before and he has done Ducati 916 style conversions with a rear hugger but I'm not sure if that was for the C or D models.
I want to keep the standard seat for two up but want nicer rear panels, mine are split so need replacing anyway, I may as well do something nice with them.
I don't mind losing the grab rail and bungy hooks if he can come up with something, maybe flat tracker style tail piece with panels and an undertray to completely change the arse end, slim her down a bit.
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Re: ZZR 1100 C2 fork conversion to ZXR 750 USD forks.

Postby dixiethedog » Fri Aug 16, 2013 4:41 pm

This has been a good read.
Im fitting a Hayabusa front end into my zzr11 d model (I havent a clue which number it is,but its M-reg,with a silver-ish frame). I'll do a thread on it,when i start. Or thinking about it,I may fit a gsxr1100m usd front end. lol. Im busy building a turbo gsxr engined GSX EFE and bought a complete bike just for the engine. Ive the donor frame sitting there with a good usd front end,a JMC braced swingarm,nice 3 spoke wheels.... The JMC arm had been considered,but Im using a braced Busa arm.
I hope you get your front end finished soon.
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Re: ZZR 1100 C2 fork conversion to ZXR 750 USD forks.

Postby MarkG » Fri Aug 16, 2013 8:26 pm

dixiethedog wrote: my zzr11 d model (I havent a clue which number it is,but its M-reg,with a silver-ish frame)

That'll be a D2.
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