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Re: Removing valve cover

Postby BossEd » Sat Mar 10, 2018 7:57 pm

Sorry to open up an old topic again but i've run into a bit of a snag doing this valve clearance routine.

First off kudos for the great article and video, without it i wouldn't have come this far (or dared to even start).

My valve clearances are back within spec (changed the shims for 9 valves). And after putting back my valve cover i went on to the plastic heat shield, which seems to be a more difficult task then actually adjusting the valves hehe.

For the life of me i can't seem to fit the damn thing back where it's supposed to. It's painfully obvious how to align it with the two holes but i can't get it manoeuvred in there. I removed the hoses and the metal thing connected to it coming out of the valve cover, removed the metal ring where the gas-cables go through (also mounted on the valve cover) and even disconnected all electrical wire-plugs i could find.

With all this room i still can't get the b*stard back in there. In both this guide and the Haynes manual it suggests that it can be removed with the valve cover on. So first things first:

1) I should be able to put it back without removing the valve cover again right?
2) Any tips where to start, where to hold certain cables / or maybe pictures/ videos of how to do it?

(i know its stupid but i can't remember whether i removed the valve cover before the heat shield, but reading the guide i'm pretty sure i did not.. and i stopped making pictures after removing the distributors)

edit: And as to illustrate how the heat shield is going i also thought i was posting this in green magic man's valve topic D'oh
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