Sales and Commercial Postings.

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Sales and Commercial Postings.

Postby BillZZR600 » Wed Jan 25, 2006 4:53 pm

Sales, and Commercial Posting Rules

Selling of individual items is permissible by private parties in classified forums only.
Selling multiple items of the same or similar products, or multiple sales postings, may be considered commercial posting and may be removed or edited at the discretion of Moderators and/or Administrators.

Spamming or commercial solicitation of any kind (this can include company names within user names and or links to commercial sites within signature lines) is not tolerated on this Site. The Moderators and Administrators reserve the right to take actions to ensure that these are removed and to edit or delete any post that is deemed in violation of the commercial posting rules.

Posts helping a fellow member to find a commercial product, service or vendor that has what he/she needs will be allowed. However, if these posts are deemed by moderators or administrators to be commercial promotion (by a vendor, affiliated party, or un-affiliated party) they may be edited or deleted.

All decisions regarding offending posts will be based on many criteria and reasons, but will ultimately be taken by the moderator or administrator who makes that decision.

Users are encouraged to report posts that are thought to be in violation of these policies to Moderators/ Admin, by PM
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