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Work Safe And Not work Safe Postings

Postby Muzzy » Sun Aug 17, 2003 6:46 am

Simple rules here....


OK to post most Jokes, Funnies, Pictures etc for "General Viewing and Amusement"

As above, which may require adult discretion, or be of an adult content, but MUST contain a warning in the Subject title
No lady/s images showing any pink. ;)
No men images of touching wood. ;)
NO child abuse jokes
;) Means you know what i mean right?
If you post links leading to another website displaying images of that kind, that may be OK,
but you must always have a suitable warning regarding the likely content with it as well as in the subject heading, but try to keep it bike orientated. :?

The Moderators/Admin reserve the right to remove anything without forewarning if inappropriately missposted, or of Unsuitable Content, or Without Appropriate Warnings Attached.

Once/Twice is a mistake naughty
Three is Naughty Signhere you will be warned
More IS NOT ON Pol3 Action will be taken

If any material posted is causing Genuine Upset or Offence please PM a Mod or Admin

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