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Forum Rules - Posting and Threads General

Postby Muzzy » Wed Mar 07, 2012 4:11 pm

Member/s must respect other nationalities and in no way slander or demean one another.

Member/s will also respect the opposite sex, this forum will not allow posts that directly demean the oposite sex publically, these members will be warned, and then banned if the situation escalates.

Member/s will not debate/disrespect other religions, this is a ZZR & Kawasaki forum based on the interest of motorcycling, not a multi national debate on politics and religious arguement.

Advice given here is, advice, you either use or not, by your own choice. Those that advise you are not liable of the outcome related to motorcycling. You just be the idiot that went along with it.

You will not publically slate, slander or carry over an opinion or experiance of any other ZZR forum, into THIS Forum.
ZZR International is based on a community of ZZR Forums, websites, and information for ALL ZZR OWNERS INTERNATIONALLY. Bandwidth disputes and personal experiences of previous Groups within the internet are not open to public discussion, public warning within posts in this forum.
If you have a concern, or wish to express a disliking to anyother website forum, you will do so away from this forum.

Failure to do so will be concidered offensive, and malicious content, for both existing ZZR International Members...and to visitors to this site. In such a case, action will be taken.
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