dashboard lights - ZZR600E - LED?

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Re: dashboard lights - ZZR600E - LED?

Postby Brett » Mon Feb 26, 2018 4:58 am

Yeah, there are a few possible "issues" - too bright is one.
Colour change is another - I tried on a car and while the "high beam" was the best brilliant blue ever, the reds became pink.
Indicator flash speed might also be affected? Not sure what tech the ZZs use for this but I'm thinking it's not "high"...
In some cases the LED wedge bulbs have a "wrong" way to be installed, so test before closing up and if it doesn't light, then remove the bulb and turn through 180 and re-insert...

There are lots of variables with these LEDs - quality varies wildly, different 'temperatures' (ie colours) and different lighting patterns because of the how the LEDs are arranged. I have no doubt that you will eventually find a setup you like, but it's likely to take a few goes. I got bored and landed up with a mix...

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Re: dashboard lights - ZZR600E - LED?

Postby GreenMagicMan » Mon Feb 26, 2018 8:30 pm

I like the bright look and it doesn't bother me a bit at night. (And I've logged some long nights in the saddle).
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Re: dashboard lights - ZZR600E - LED?

Postby brimalrage » Sun Mar 18, 2018 11:07 am

I believe the big reason the colors dont turn out is due to the glass/plastic covers over the lights. The 3 lights on the top left of the gauge cluster have colored glass pieces covering them with just regular lights below, the glass giving the lights their actual color compared to just colored lights.

Go to your local home improvement store or a lamp store, almost every bulb is white or the yellow tint to it, none are colored. That is what all the bulbs lighting up the gauge cluster are stock. I have installed LED strips in mine, but I believe I left the 3 in the top left (dont see a reason to replace them when I barely use them). I dont have a ton of mileage with the LED setup but I do enjoy the looks, have had 0 issues with the lights being too bright at night.

Word of advice, if a bulb does go out dont tap on the gauge cluster. I did years ago and broke the glass on the tach right before my 25 mile ride home at night. Replacing the glass was not fun, but was cheap for the replacement.
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Re: dashboard lights - ZZR600E - LED?

Postby Exlabman » Sat Apr 14, 2018 4:41 pm

Just done mine, really pleased with the result. Used white for the warning/indicator and blue for the display. Need to check they work before refitting as previously stated, leds have a correct way to fit, if they don't light, turn them 180 and they should work fine.
Got mine from Amazon. Can post links if anyones interested. Can't work out how to add photos or I'd show you the results.

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