Oil Pressure Switch (again) and assoc electrics

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Oil Pressure Switch (again) and assoc electrics

Postby allan09 » Fri Apr 13, 2018 7:31 pm

I searched the forum but cant really find an answer. Hence the post. Apologies for its length

Recently my oil light stopped coming on when you first turn the key (not starting engine). This has happened to me before so figured it was either failed switch or corroded wiring attached to it. Was happy enough just continuing to use the bike thinking I'd sort it eventually. Anyway after a few trips out, one day I noticed the light flickering on while running pretty fast so ,concerned, I stopped the bike and checked oil level. All was fine. Got it back home and decided had to sort the pressure switch. I detached the wire from the switch, key on,and grounded it - oil light came on. Haynes manual says if this happens then its new switch time. I have been here before so ordered up a new switch.

It arrived and I installed it. Everything worked fine on turning key - light on, start bike light off. So went for a run. Next day went to take it out and this time no oil light when turned key. What the @£&*. Had a look at wiring and I found a part where outer wire plastic cover had cracked through to the wires, so I thought thats the culprit. Re terminated the wire and re attached to switch but nothing in key on position. Remove wire from oil switch, ground on bike, light on. So I am thinking new switch has failed.

Fast forward to today I do some reading up on how I might electrically test the switch to see if it is failed. Since new one is still on bike and I dont want to drain oil to remove I decided to test the old one I had retained. Connect up volt meter to end where wire attaches and to the metal body - got 0 ohms. I then blew into the switch applying pressure to the internals and the meter reading went to 1. So in my mind it is still working as a connection is being made in the switch. Now I am thinking it may still be a wire issue somewhere else in the wire run (supported somewhat by the light flickering on with old switch while I was running bike). However my electrical understanding isnt that great so perhaps I could still get the multi meter result I did but the switch is broken.

On this basis I dont want to buy another new switch just yet, will look in more detail at the wire first.

Thanks for reading.

Any and all help gratefully received.
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